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Ronen on
"Rewiring the World"

Let’s be honest.

Our world is a mess.

Like an ageing human body after decades of neglect,

Our world is in a state of disease.

Can it re-calibrate to heal itself?

Without any radical change, our future looks bleak.

- Ronen Aires (Certified High Performance Coach) in Breach

Re-imagining our collective future requires a clear path and a clear mind. If we do the work to heal our wounds, we can empower each other to re-wire the world.

Together, we can create sustainable, positive change.


Ronen is one of the rare, yet masterful breed of speakers, that doesn’t so much stand up and command attention, as he does calmly tell a story that has the effect of getting the entire audience to lean in and absorb every last word.

Rich Mulholland - Cultovation

I brought Ronen in to do an introductory breathwork workshop as part of an online teambuilding/wellness day. Ronen gave a talk and then we did a 15 minute online breathing session. It was a great way to introduce the technique to the company, many of whom had never heard of breathwork. It was so powerful that as soon as we were able to meet in person, we did an in-person group session. The team loved it, besides the major personal benefits, it really created a connection within the team. It was well received and we are now doing a monthly breathwork session. I cannot recommend it enough to all companies wanting to bring mindfulness and connection into the workplace.

Shai Evian - CEO - Howler

Ronen Aires is one of those speakers who, when he speaks, makes time melt away. He is engaging, humorous and extremely authentic. Ronen’s story is an important story to hear for young and old alike. 

Allon Raiz - Raizcorp

There are a tiny number of people in our world who can move a group from simply listening, to actually acting. Ronen is one of those, and he’s exceptional at it. 

Mark Levy - Digital Planet

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