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How the next generation are consciously disrupting the world


Verb: to make a gap in something and break through; to rise and break through the surface of the water

Generation Z is primed to breach the status quo. They aim to disrupt the establishment and define life on their own terms, with their collective values leading the way. 

As an entrepreneur and youth expert with more than 20 years' experience working with youth and brands, I have learned to harness the genius of Generation Z so that my business thrives.

While it might seem that Generation Z comes with different factory settings, in reading this book you will come to understand they are not so different from us. They are the future of the workplace. They are your clients, your consumers, and your leadership team. They hold the key to your success. If we learn to guide them wisely, we will all benefit from the breach they are forging. We may even find ourselves living in a better, kinder world.

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