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Come breathe with me

Tap into your expansion, your repair, your recalibration. This is your body on breathwork - and I can help you get there. 


I planned in 2020 to deepen my self-awareness practice, so I could ultimately be a better guy.... but also, to show up bigger, bolder, more deliberate for my work, my people, my family and my environment. My path started with a conscious connective breathwork session one Friday afternoon in June, and the story of my ‘bigger, bolder, more deliberate life’ springboards from there. And it’s quite a story (I’ll tell you after!). 


Through my own transformative experience of Breathwork, I wanted to share this hidden pleasure with others that, like me, never knew how badly they needed it until they did it. As a public speaker and wellness leader, I choose to incorporate Breathwork as an alternative practice into my retreats and private sessions, purely for the proven reparable benefits it brings. I’ve been an A-type, high-performer my whole life, believing intrinsically that there’s got to be more to it all. Honestly, I think I’ve found it. 

Book a session with me, I’ll show you how. 



We take 17 000 breaths per day.

single breathing practice can reduce blood pressure and anxiety.



Breathwork is like that hidden track you never knew you were waiting for, until it started playing. While high-performing individuals slush their way through a world of demand and expectation, there is something more. Breathwork has the ability to reset your mind and body while bringing you back to steady ground. Unlike meditation, Breathwork is an active, conscious practice that stimulates blood flow and wakes up the nervous system. It’s pretty remarkable. 

Discover how this simple, results-driven tool can fast track your nervous system to its most dynamic natural state; how breathing correctly and consciously can elevate your everyday performance; how the power of an inhale and exhale can take you places you never thought you'd go, and relish. Therein lies the mystery of this ancient Hindu practice, which is quickly transforming lives. And you can do it too - anywhere, at any time. Fact! 


Through focussed intentional breathing, I initiate your introduction to your breath practice and will help you tap out and tap in, and ultimately make sense of your wounds; the ones holding you back from everything you were meant to be in this life.

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